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Grandparent Scam Targets Seniors

FOX19 Investigates: ‘Grandparent Scam’ targets seniors

By Amy Wagner, Investigative Reporter
For Neva Nutgrass of Amelia, her introduction to the “Grandparent Scam” began with a phone call.
“I thought I was an educated woman and I did the stupidest thing!” Nutgrass said.  “It is so real.  You can’t even imagine how real it sounds.”
When she answered an early morning phone call in April, Nutgrass heard a young man’s voice that sounded panicked.  He claimed he was her grandson.
“This voice said Grandma and that went through my heart just then,” Nutgrass said. “Then when he said he had something to tell me and I wasn’t to tell anyone else.”
The man claiming to be Nutgrass’s grandson told her he’d been arrested in a mix-up in Florida and needed money to get his case before a judge as soon as possible.  She was told to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak Card.
“This is a way you can send money to people where they can get it and it can’t be traced,” Nutgrass said.
Nutgrass rushed to Kroger and purchased two $1,000 cards.  Then she called back and gave the number from the prepaid debit card.  Just like that, the scammer made $2,000.
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