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My stay at THE GRAND was the best place to be after my hip replacement. The physical and occupational therapy were outstanding. I am much further along in my recovery than I would have been otherwise. The meals were excellent – well balanced, nutritious and flavorful. The nurses were friendly and attentive. The luxurious decorating and “Main Street” work together to create a warm happy home-like environment instead of an institution. I am grateful for the opportunity to have spent my rehab time at THE GRAND.

Mary Money

I worked at [Abbyshire Place] for almost 23 yrs. Not only did I work there, but I was a resident there for rehab. I was treated with special care, not only as an employee, but as a resident. My cardiologist refuses to release me to go back to work, & I doubt that I could do the work anyway. But I truly miss my residents & my co-workers.
Jim Muckle, the company attorney, treated me & other staff with respect. Any decisions he had to make, were made with the residents best interest at heart.
Mr Vrable was constantly upgrading the looks of the building. By doing this, I knew he cared about the residents. There’s so much I’d like to say about this place, but the words are just so hard to find.
If you are looking for a facility to place your loved one, this is one of the best…If you are looking for a job, this is the place to work.

Sharon W.

I have had the best care at this facility. Everyone that I had care from treated me like a queen. I will recommend Southern Hills to all my friends.

Ann I.

The staff was really helpful! They went out of their way to make sure I was well taken care of.

Rosellen Rutter

The staff members are really friendly and helpful. The provided a large body of exercises and were able to meet the needs of the class, which had a wide range of ability levels. They offered a wide range of exercises and activities.

Rosemarie W.

I would like to thank the employees of Southern Hills for their professionalism in my treatment for a full recovery. The girls in therapy both speech and physical were awesome!  The staff from clinical, nursing and therapy has been wonderful to my family and me.

Mary H.

All the staff that took care of my husband James provided kind and compassionate care.

Nancy P.

This was a nice experience. The facility was clean and comfortable. My care was very good. I enjoyed meeting the patients and saying hello to them. The food was good and very tasty. Physical therapy was a great experience and they helped me to gain strength so I could get well. Thank you to the nursing staff for their care and help.

Barbara S.

My stay was very well; all of the staff at Southern Hills is very kind.

Thomas D.

Abbyshire Place Nursing and Rehabilitation is second to none. Everyone from the Administrative staff to housekeeping to the kitchen staff is wonderful. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. The nursing staff is outstanding and they treated me as if I was the only person in the facility. The aids were very attentive and always met my need promptly. Matt an STNA on night shift worked so hard, he was great during my stay and it seemed that he really enjoyed his job. I can not say enough good things about Jon and Lindsey from therapy; they helped me push myself to achieve my goals. I have felt like I was at home during my stay at Abbyshire and if I am in need of any services in the future I will be coming back. I would recommend to anyone needing nursing care, rehab or an extended stay. All I have to says “Wow, Abbyshire is a wonderful place.”

James R.

I Maudie Nichols (Grammy) wish to let the staff at Southern Hills know that my stay here was very good. The Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Housekeepers and the Therapy staff are ALL very nice and courteous.

Maudie N.

At this facility I have been treated like royalty from the kitchen staff, nurses on up. My physical therapy trainer was great, noting but high regard for her ability to bring me along and her personality was fantastic. Thank you for everything.

Paul Normand

I would like to thank the wonderful staff members that helped with my mother. The staff on Galya Manor unit was wonderful with my mother and I got to know them all well. The nurse’s are great and a special thanks to Angie she gave all she had to keep the clients going and having fun and letting them know they are still important people. They are all special and I would also like to commend Nathan and Marty, they helped me and my mother a lot, very compassionate young men. I would like to see them more staffed so the workers would not have to work so much. It really is a hard job and takes very special people to do that type of work, and anyone that does this type of work are very special people. We had some really good times I enjoyed everyone staff and residents and will miss everyone.

Sharon H.

My stay was good. I had good care and pleasant people around me. Food was so so (just not my cooking) but I ate it anyways. The therapy group couldn’t have been better. In all my stay at Southern Hills was good.

Patricia W.

The program provides exercises both physical and mental and fellowship with others who have similar illnesses. I have found it to be helpful.

Robert T.

Southern Hills provided excellent care to my mom. Her first admission for rehab/therapy after a fall enabled my mom to return to independent care at the age of 92. When mom needed long-term care two years later, Southern Hills was our first and only choice. Mom’s final days were in the excellent care of Southern Hills in partnership with Crossroads Hospice. We highly recommend Southern Hills.

Richard T.

I love the surroundings. I am enjoying myself. The nurses are caring. I can’t say enough about the care they provide. You can see it in their eyes. I never doubt them professionally. I just love them. From being away from your family, I find this place so compelling and my family. I feel like part of a family. I have made wonderful friends with the residents. Everyone from administration is so easily accessible. Tirzah from activities is a genius. She provides entertainment and learning for all residents.

Valerie T.

The staff at Southern Hills is wonderful; they care about the residents as individuals and not just another patient.
I have never once had a problem getting or receiving help from a staff member.
The staff does the best the can when it comes to meeting all patient needs.

The place itself could use a face lift (especially in the patient rooms and bathrooms) also getting some computers for the resident to use would be great. They could also use a snack shop or area that residents can share with family and friends when they are here.
Ann Skelink

I was very pleased with my care here at THE GRAND. I was here for therapy and had a pleasant experience. My Therapist were very knowledgeable and I feel prepared to go n to the next step. Everyone here did everything they could to make my stay pleasant. I plan to return for any future therapy I may need.

Patricia DeLuca

What a beautiful place to come for rehabilitation. Not only is it a cheerful, welcoming establishment, but when you walk down main Street, you’re walking in a fairy wonderland. The food is good – the nurses top notch and attentive. The rehab is very concerned with your progress in getting back to your former self. Vi Va the Grand! Its Grand!!!

Shirley McCluskey

I have been a resident of yours three times with in this past year, and I must say with each stay it felt more and more like home, not just because three of my granddaughters work there, but because all of the staff is family oriented they all laugh, play, and joke around with each other like a real family does. I must say I do have my favorites though.
Tracie always came to check on me and made sure I had puzzles books, Shannon always made sure I chips and always came to say hi even if she was on the other side of the building. Marybeth in therapy was so funny if I didn’t want to do therapy she would tell me that I had to because she afraid of my granddaughters especially Crystal, but in the end I always went down to the gym, and I thank them for pushing to get better and for the Christmas tree Marybeth made out recycled wood. If I ever have to go into a nursing home for good, Southern Hills is where I will want to be. I can not thank you a enough for all you all have done for me and my family this past year.

Maudie Nichols

I spent 17 days at THE GRAND rehabbing from back surgery. The therapists were all very competent, professional and personable. The facilities at THE GRAND are all outstanding, the best I’ve seen anywhere. Although THE GRAND had been open less than two weeks, it was functioning like an old establishment.

Robert Battershell

I elected to go to THE GRAND for physical therapy – to learn how to use oxygen 24/7 at home. I will be here until Christmas Eve morning. The accommodations are great, good menu, good nursing care, great physical therapist (very effective). I accomplished all I intended to.

Charles Roberts

THE GRAND has an exemplary nursing service. All of your needs are quickly addressed. The facility exceeds any other Rehab unit that I have been assign to. Their equipment and staff are far superior to either of the two previous facilities I have stayed in. I would like to mention two nurses, April and Michelle for their exceptional work.

Harold Wehrle

“My granddaughter calls The GRAND ‘Bubbie’s Hotel’ for a good reason. Coming to The GRAND for rehab is like staying in a beautiful luxury hotel with private rooms, rooms arranged around small dining areas and living rooms for every 11 or 12 rooms. With 3 delicious meals a day, a movie theater, happy hour and ice cream socials weekly. Actually though the best asset of The GRAND are the people. The skills, work ethic and especially the personalities of everyone who works there made my stay so enjoyable. I didn’t want to leave.
The therapist are very knowledgeable and afterwards you get rewarded with the decompression room where you site in a recliner with ice therapy and compression while you drink some juice and watch TV.
My favorite room was the library. Books, card games and puzzles in an inviting environment passed the time.”

Jan Mitchell

A resident at Southern Hills can be assured of receiving a standard of care that is competent, compassionate and care that is dedicated, deliberate and directly discharged by the administrator and entire staff.

William K.

My two month stay at THE GRAND was a very positive and rewarding experience. The staff treated me kindness in a very professional manner. I witnessed many gentle acts and a smile from everyone. Most importantly my physical and mental health improved significantly.

George R.
“My stay at THE GRAND was one of the nicest and respectful times of all the places I have even been. The employees were as pleasant and fun as I have ever seen. THE GRAND is the place to be if you need to recuperate. This is how aged people should be treated, honored and the best of care.”
Marda H.
“My stay at The GRAND was an exceptional stay. The nurses and STNAs were very helpful and pleasant. The therapy department was excellent. I will be returning for out patient treatment. All personnel were pleasant and helpful and I enjoyed some of the activities that were presented.”
Jean H.

“I have been employed at Southern Hills for the past 12 years, and in those 12 years I have seen a lot of changes, but the one thing that has never changed is the way that everyone here is family staff and residents, we joke, we play around and yes we get mad at one another at times, but at the end of the day our jobs are done and we are family.. I had the pleasure of seeing the caring and compassion side of all the staff first hand as my grandma was in her final moments of life, everyone working on that day came in to her to say their good byes because to all us she Grammy and loved everyone. To me the heart warming thing for me was when my residents were coming to console me and offer their condolences, until that moment I did not realize much I meant to my resident family and that we need them more than they need us. Never take your job for granted we are family, and we all know how fast things can change in life.
Thank you for all your sent thoughts and prayers.”

Crystal G.