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Maudie Nichols

I have been a resident of yours three times with in this past year, and I must say with each stay it felt more and more like home, not just because three of my granddaughters work there, but because all of the staff is family oriented they all laugh, play, and joke around with each other like a real family does. I must say I do have my favorites though.
Tracie always came to check on me and made sure I had puzzles books, Shannon always made sure I chips and always came to say hi even if she was on the other side of the building. Marybeth in therapy was so funny if I didn’t want to do therapy she would tell me that I had to because she afraid of my granddaughters especially Crystal, but in the end I always went down to the gym, and I thank them for pushing to get better and for the Christmas tree Marybeth made out recycled wood. If I ever have to go into a nursing home for good, Southern Hills is where I will want to be. I can not thank you a enough for all you all have done for me and my family this past year.